Chuadanga swelters as temperature hits 42.3C

He said there are no forecasts for rain in the immediate future.

Staff Correspondent

Apr 20 2024 11:15 AM

Chuadanga swelters as temperature hits 42.3C
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Chuadanga district finds itself in the grip of a severe heat wave, enduring scorching temperatures for consecutive days. The region is currently experiencing its most intense heat waves recorded this year.

At 3pm on Saturday (April 20), Chuadanga recorded its highest temperature of the season at a blistering 42.3C, making it the hottest spot in the country. With air humidity hovering around 18 percent, the scorching heat has left life and nature alike feeling the burn.

Local meteorological authorities predict that this heatwave will persist until rains bring relief. Meanwhile, the relentless sun beats down, leaving inhabitants struggling to cope with the prolonged dry spell.

According to reports from the Chuadanga First Class Meteorological Observatory, the heatwave began on April 12, shortly after Eid, and shows no signs of abating. Each passing day sees temperatures soar, setting new records for the season. By noon on Saturday, the mercury had already climbed to 40.4 degrees Celsius, with humidity levels remaining at 18 percent. By mid-afternoon, temperatures peaked at 42.3 degrees Celsius.

Jaminur Rahman, head of the Chuadanga Meteorological Observatory, attributed the extreme temperatures to the absence of rainfall.

He said rainfall would bring much-needed relief, significantly lowering the temperature. Additionally, he noted that Chuadanga typically experiences high temperatures during the months of March and April.

He said there are no forecasts for rain in the immediate future.