Here are 5 interesting things to know about Atif Aslam

Now, let's delve into five mesmerizing facets of the vocalist!

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Apr 20 2024 11:50 AM

Here are 5 interesting things to know about Atif Aslam
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Pakistani maestro Atif Aslam, a genius in the realms of playback singing, songwriting, composition, and acting, once again captivated crowds in Dhaka with his enchanting melodies yesterday (19 April) after 11 years. Renowned for his lyrical prowess in both Pakistani and Indian cinema, his velvety voice and signature vocal belting style evoke an irresistible charm that tugs at the strings of our hearts. Now, let's delve into five mesmerizing facets of the vocalist!

1. "Technically" An Engineer

Atif Aslam, born on March 12, 1983, in Wazirabad, Punjab, Pakistan, initially pursued a degree in computer science at the University of Central Punjab after completing his early schooling in Lahore. However, his passion for music soon took precedence, prompting him to abandon his studies in favor of pursuing a career in music.

2. Not Music; Cricket Was His First Passion

Atif Aslam revealed in a candid interview with a Radio Jockey (RJ) that his first passion was not music but cricket.

He said, "I had already given up on one passion. I always wanted to be a fast bowler. I was very good at cricket. So I had given up on that because my parents insisted that education is more important, [cricket] doesn’t have a lot of scope and they were right in saying that."

Reflecting on how he transitioned from cricket to music, Atif described the loss of his cricketing dream as a turning point that led him to explore his musical talents.

3. Honours and Achievements

Atif's music has garnered numerous accolades, including multiple Lux Style Awards and Filmfare Awards, among others.

Most notably, he holds the distinction of being the youngest Pakistani to receive the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award, a prestigious honor bestowed by the government of Pakistan in recognition of his remarkable musical contributions that have brought pride to the nation. The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz stands as the fourth-highest civilian award in Pakistan, conferred upon individuals for their significant achievements and successes.

4. Venturing into Acting 

Atif stepped into the world of acting alongside fellow Pakistani actress Mahira Khan with his debut in the 2011 Pakistani film, Bol. The film was an instant success in Pakistan, while in India, critics acclaimed it positively. Garnering overwhelming praise from critics, it emerged as one of the highest-grossing Pakistani films of its time.

5. Married to College Sweetheart

Atif Aslam married his educationist girlfriend of seven years, Sara Bharwana, in Lahore. They exchanged amusing stories of on-campus romance before tying the knot in 2013 and welcoming two kids.